About HKAGE15

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) has been serving in the local gifted education sector for 15 years. Despite the short establishment time, the Academy has embarked on the journey of nurturing gifted students to reach for their stars.

Since its inception, the HKAGE has been committed to providing different programmes for local gifted students aged 10 to 18, facilitating their exploration of various possibilities in different domains. Also, the Academy has actively promoted affective education to enhance the leadership, creativity and interpersonal skills of gifted students, and to cultivate their sense of social responsibility.

Starting from 2022, the concept of Whole Person Development, together with the Talent Development approach, has been employed for the Academy’s curriculum development. Riding on these foundations, the Academy has actively restructured its curriculum to provide at least 100 hours of training for students in their areas of focus. We aim to support gifted students to advance in areas they excel in and to nurture more holistic talents for Hong Kong in the 21st Century.

We look forward to continuing our systematic training and individualised support to our student members in the next 15 years, so that they can shine bright with their unique brilliance and attain splendid achievements in the journey reaching for their stars.


The Legislative Council approved a matching fund for the Education Bureau (EDB) to set up the HKAGE

Mr KOO Yee Yin Irving was appointed as the first Chairperson of the Board of Directors


Dr Stephen TOMMIS was appointed as the first Executive Director

Preparatory work completed and the HKAGE started providing services to secondary school students


Piloting programmes for primary school students began


The HKAGE relocated to the current campus at Sha Kok Estate from the temporary office at Kowloon Tong

The Research Division was established to provide high quality information on gifted education


Mr Frederick LAM Yun Fu was appointed as the second Chairperson of the Board of Directors


Prof NG Tai Kai was appointed as the second Executive Director


The Affective Education Division was established to provide programmes to address the affective needs of HKAGE student members and support their social and emotional development


The Advanced Learning Experiences Division was established to devise and facilitate individualised, personalised, and challenging learning experiences for well-prepared gifted students


The HKAGE became a subvented organisation of the EDB


The HKAGE celebrated its 10th Anniversary

The Talent Development Pilot Scheme was launched


Ir Dr Alan LAM Hiu Fung was appointed as the third Chairperson of the Board of Directors


The Talent Development approach was adopted for programme development, followed by the support of an organisational restructuring exercise


Dr Jimmy WONG Kam Yiu was appointed as the third Executive Director

The Gifted Education Satellite Centre Scheme was piloted to strengthen communication and collaboration with schools

The admission channel was broadened by admitting top award winners from newly selected prestigious competitions / scholarships


The philosophy of Whole Person Development was upheld with the Talent Development approach to shape the Academy’s programme development direction

The Principal’s Nomination was pioneered to further broaden the admission channel

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