HKAGE 15th Anniversary

Logo and Mascot

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with vibrant activities, including the creation of the 15th Anniversary logo and the mascots Gigi and Yoyo, designed by the Academy’s student members to kickstart the celebration.

Designed by Gifted Student Members

The HKAGE 15th Anniversary Logo and Mascot Design Competition was held between October and December 2022 with the purpose of strengthening the Academy’s image and popularity in society, enhancing the public’s knowledge of gifted education and the HKAGE’s services, providing an opportunity for HKAGE student members to display their creativity, and increasing the sense of belonging among student members. Our student members responded overwhelmingly, and over 50 participated in the competition. Having undergone the judging panel’s rigorous selection, one design for the logo and one for the mascot were selected. With some minor fine-tuning, the respective winning entries became the official HKAGE 15th Anniversary logo and mascots.

The HKAGE 15th Anniversary Logo

The design theme of the HKAGE 15th Anniversary logo includes “young”, “modern”, and “new ambience”. According to student member YAU Nga Yue, the winning designer, the logo symbolises two characteristics: youthful and modern. The figures “15” represent the HKAGE’s 15th Anniversary, while the gifted student stepping out of a circle represents continuous advancement. The design of the logo is to promote an empowering and energetic atmosphere for our gifted students to venture into a new domain, opening up a new horizon.

Winning Student’s Sharing

“The theme of the design competition brought to my mind a picture ── a student who holds his head up and spreads his arms high, like the wings of a soaring bird. Based on the HKAGE logo, my design depicts a confident person with open arms and waving ribbons in simple design, showing enthusiasm and vigor in embracing the future.

“I’m pleased that my design was selected as the winning logo. But what is even more important to me is that I can present my design to the HKAGE as a gift to celebrate its 15th Anniversary on this special occasion, as I will soon be leaving the Academy and become an alumna. It is really an invaluable opportunity for me to express my gratitude towards the HKAGE.” ── YAU Nga Yue

Say Hi to Gigi and Yoyo

Gigi and Yoyo were designed by student member YUEN Chung Hang to represent youthfulness, happiness, and energy with a positive attitude. They represent the well-rounded talents of the Academy’s student members, who excel not only academically but also non-academically.

Gigi represents the academic excellence of the Academy’s students. She is wearing an academic gown with a confident smile on her face. Yoyo represents the outstanding performance of the Academy’s students in non-academic domains, such as sports. Wearing blue sportswear, he exudes a healthy and energetic atmosphere.

These two mascots are designed to highlight the all-round talents of the Academy’s students. The Academy has been convinced that gifted education should cater for students’ whole person growth, promoting their balanced development in various aspects such as academics, creativity, and sports. These mascots not only represent the outstanding performance of the Academy’s students but also encourage their all-round development for realizing their potentials and attaining achievement in various fields, in order to give back to society with their shining brilliance.

With the vivid image of Gigi and Yoyo, the Academy hopes to further promote gifted education among the public. These mascots have also become the ambassadors of the Academy, symbolising the Academy’s efforts and achievements over the years in cultivating outstanding students with all-round development.

The birth of Gigi and Yoyo is part of the Academy’s 15th Anniversary celebrations and represents the Academy’s commitment to providing better educational resources and opportunities for students. The Academy will continue to provide students with more opportunities and support for all-round development, facilitating them to realise their dreams.

Winning Student’s Sharing

“I joined the mascot design competition out of curiosity and interest. It was beyond my expectation that the training programme provided for participating students has highly inspired me with more ideas and hugely improved my digital drawing skills. Besides, I was encouraged to be more creative. I’m so glad that I have joined the programme.

“When I knew that I had won the competition, I felt very surprised and delighted. I’m honored that my design has been chosen to be the HKAGE’s 15th Anniversary mascot. This recognizes the effort I have put in. Thanks for all the support from my programme tutor and my family.” ── YUEN Chung Hang

Student member
YUEN Chung Hang
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